How to Fix An Unresponsive iPhone X Display

Every person nowadays wants to use Apple products. There is no harm in it because Apple has become the most reliable company in the world. Despite being expensive, people love Apple’s product. But how this is possible? Why will people pay more money for any product? The answer is simple. Quality is the key that made Apple so successful in the world.

Apple announced to launch his new model in September 2017, and after one year they launched it successfully in November 2018. This is iPhone X. It had become so famous ahead of its launch. So, iPhone enjoyed a record sale on its opening day. But this was the beginning, the story remains.


In a few days after, iPhone X customers detected some issues regarding the screen. In some phones, the screen stopped working completely. And in some cases, the screen became partially inactive.


Initially, these issues were associated with low temperature. But after sometimes these issues were seen in the high-temperature region’s users also. It was due to hardware failure of the component of the display module. It was the shocker for iPhone users. As it was the most expensive iPhone ever. One amazing fact is that Apple was using an OLED screen display for the first time and Samsung made this display.

Solution by Apple

Apple’s experts suggested software update as a solution to solve this issue. Apple released the iOS 11.1.2 update on November 16, 2017, to resolve the issue. Remember its original iOS was 11.0.1. And Now on May 13, 2018, Apple released the iOS 12.3 update.

But software updates had not helped the users to get rid of this issue. This problem became worst and the apple did not respond well to this issue. Then on November 9, 2018, Apple announced its confessional statement regarding this issue and admit the fault. They stated that this issue might be due to failure of a component on the display module. They announced the “iPhone X Display Module Replacement” Program for Touch Issues.

This program includes only the replacement of the display module for iPhone X and no other iPhone model is part of this program. There is no extended coverage in the standard warranty of iPhone X. All the affected iPhone X devices are eligible for this program for 3 years after the first retail sale of the phone device. One good thing about this program is if you have repaired your iPhone X device before the announcement, then still you can apply for a refund. Apple will refund the repairing cost to you.

Some other fix

  • Force restart of the device
  • A software update in some cases might work.

In my fair opinion, you should go for the replacement program by Apple to resolve this issue effectively.

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